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Study Immigration(Immigration Services).It is not a secret, that today Canadian education is the most reliable and easiest way to immigrate to Canada. In order to start study immigration, you need to choose post-secondary designated learning institution and to be enrolled in Diploma, Bachelor or Master degree program. After graduation you need to get post-graduate work permit, which depends on your college and full academic term. If you study at least 1 year, you will may get 1 or 2 years open work permit, however when you graduate from 2-4 years degree program you will get work permit for 3 years. During this time, you have to find reliable employer and get eligible NOC position in the company. After 1 year of working for your employer, you will be eligible for getting permanent resident status in

TVisitor Visa(Immigration Services). If you would like to enter Canada in order to travel, study or work you have to get a visitor visa from CIC. Please be aware that, if your visa was expired, you should renew it, otherway you will be not allowed to enter Canada.

Study Permit (Immigration Services). Any student, who is going to study in Canada more than 6 month must to get a study permit from CIC. Candidate needs apply online and get approval for study permit and visa in order enter Canada. As soon as potential student comes to Canada, Canadian officer grants study permit document to student at the Canadian border, in most cases in Canadian airport.

Post-Graduation Work Permit(PGWP)(Immigration Services). Most students, who graduated from at least 1 year academic program may be eligible and can apply for post-graduation work permit and get open work permit from CIC. Post-Graduation Work permit amy be issued maximum for 3 years after graduation. Duraion of PGWP straightly depends on chosen academic program. For instance, if study program was 1 year, student will be granted 1-2 years open work permit. Indeed, in order to obtain 3 years post-graduation work permit, student should be enrolled and graduated at least from 2 years full-time academic program.

Work Immigration(Immigration Services). In order to be eligible for work immigration, you have to find reliable employer( at least 2 years in business and with 5 full time employees) , who has LMIA from CIC and are ready to hire you for specific position, period of time, hourly salary wage in his company in Canada. After working for this employer at least for 1 year, you will be able to apply for permanent residency in Canada through some immigration programs.

Express Entry(Immigration Services). Express Entry system is an online government system, which helps potential immigrants to get permanent status in Canada through different streams (for instance: Federal Skilled Worker, Canadian Experience Class, etc.).This system evaluates eligibility of potential candidates and provides specific score, which should meet minimum score of each express entry draw. As soon as candidate has same score or higher than last draw, he becomes eligibile and gets invitation to apply for permanent resident status. System gives 90 days in order prepare the documents and upload to the online account. Processing time for express entry takes at least 6 month, depends on stream after submission full application.

Business Immigration(Immigration Services). There are different options in Canada for people, who would like make business in Canada and also immigrate through one of business/investor programs. Each province has their own business provincial programs, which are focused on the economic growth future and inviting experienced and hard-working senior manager and business owners with aim to develop specific region and their infrastructure. In addition to the Provincial Programs, there is one Investor Program in Canada, which is Quebec Investor program. This program encourages people to invest in local government and get the residency in Canada in 4-5 years. More details, you can find here.

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